Inside the RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic set sail for New York on 15th April 1912, from the port of Southampton and as we all are aware, the ship sank mid-way. The tragedy of the Titanic disaster was most felt by the city of Southampton, where more than 500 households lost a family member.   The story of the ship … Continue reading Inside the RMS Titanic


Walking Through the Streets of Amsterdam — Ships Wake

Awe amongst us hit critical levels during Rotterdam approaches. Not explicitly for Rotterdam to be honest, but for Amsterdam too! It’s really sad when a choice between two awesome is to be made due to time constraints, but we all have a thing for the badass, don’t we? Amsterdam was at arm’s reach and we … Continue reading Walking Through the Streets of Amsterdam — Ships Wake

Things Not To Do When You Miss A Train / Flight To Your Next Holiday Destination

Last year during his very first Himalayan expedition, Ankit Masrani missed the train to Delhi from Mumbai. The expedition was planned months in advanced and Ankit missing the train could have tossed their entire itinerary. The group he was traveling with had already reached mid-way to Delhi and now Ankit being left behind, they were … Continue reading Things Not To Do When You Miss A Train / Flight To Your Next Holiday Destination

Sanah’s Guide to Copenhagen

What comes to your mind when you think of Copenhagen? Of course you think of the colourful houses, the cycling crowds, Danish beer and Scandinavian architecture. Copenhagen is that and much more! Earlier this year, I came across a splendid opportunity to travel to the beautiful city of Copenhagen and got to explore the city … Continue reading Sanah’s Guide to Copenhagen

Rajasthan in Pictures

Rajasthan in every sense is a traveler’s delight. It’s beige, white and blue hues, royal architectural heritage and its vibrant culture are a dream to witness and capture. This ‘Land of King’s should definitely be in your travel bucket list. And if it’s not, I hope these pictures by Vishal Bhanushali would compel you to … Continue reading Rajasthan in Pictures